Answer: DealAgric is a dynamic agricultural and technology-driven platform which focuses on assisting farmers by connecting people to support different farms, which are insured and monitored by highly-skilled farm managers.
Answer: DealAgric works with different farmers from around the country and with the help of our Farm managers who have over 25 years experience, and by following industrial best practices, the farming process is guided, and results are achieved.
Answer: You can become a supporter by signing up on the DealAgric website. Then you can begin investing in any of our available farms.
a. Sign-up: Create an account by clicking the login button and filling in your necessary details. Afterwards, check your email to verify your account.
b. Support Farms: Choose from the range of farms available, and support as many farms/farm units as you want by making payment.
c. Receive Interest: At the end of the farming process, we will pay you your capital plus interest as stated in the platform.
Answer: This varies with different farms. We are trying to standardize all our farm units to N50,000 each so you can purchase in multiples of that amount, but this may change with some farms.
Answer: Yes. The platform was built using high security features and your data are encrypted.
Answer: Choose the farm you want to support, select the number of units, and then proceed to make payment. You will be redirected to the Paystack secure payment platform where you can pay using your card or internet banking. If you want to do a transfer, kindly call or send a WhatsApp message to 08025942377, or send an email to info@dealagric.com. All payments must be made to DEAL AGRIC LIMITED ONLY. Deal Agric Limited will not be held responsible for transfers made to any other account.
Answer: Please send an email to info@dealagric.com alongside with evidence of your payment. You should also send your UserID and email address used in opening your account. When payment is confirmed, your account will be credited and you will be able to view it from your profile.
Answer: Our farms are insured. There is nothing to worry about as your capital is fully covered under an Insurance policy. Please note that the Insurance cover as provided by DealAgric Limited is for your Initial Capital invested subject to the terms and conditions of the Insurance company.
Answer: No. 4, Akin Mateola Street, Raji Rasaki estate, Amuwo-Odofin, Lagos.
Answer: You will get a confirmation email from Paystack if you paid via Paystack. We will also send you an email containing details of the farm/farm units purchased and the duration. You will be able to view the details on your DealAgric profile as well.
Answer: Yes. Periodic visits to farms will be carried out. You will be informed beforehand when all logistics have been put in place.
Answer: Yes. Periodic visits to farms will be carried out. You will be informed beforehand when all logistics have been put in place.For each milestone achieved, an update will be sent, and you will be notified through your email. You will also be able to view the update from your account after you have logged in.
Answer: At the end of a successful farm cycle, you will be paid back your capital with returns for that farm not later than one week after the stated date in the farm details.
Answer: We will not be able to provide you with your funds before the expiration of a farm cycle. As such, your support cannot be terminated prematurely. At the end of the farm cycle, your capital with returns will be paid to the bank account you provide to receive payment. Alternatively, you may choose to re-invest your money in any of our available farms.
Answer: Sometimes there might be some system issues, so if you don’t get your payment after the stipulated time, please send a mail to info@dealgric.com or call +2348025942377.
Answer: No, the stated interest will be paid at the end of the farm cycle.