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After signing in, choose from our list of open farms to support. You can support as many farms/farm units as possible, afterwards proceed to make payment for your farms.

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Every stage of farming is key and you will be informed periodically as the farm progress. Each step of the farming process will be captured and an update will be sent to your profile/email until the end of the cycle.

Make more money

After your farm is harvested, you will receive your expected payment. This will be done within the speculated time for the farm. You may also receive additional incentives depending on the success of the farm.

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Badeku Farm 5

Price: ₦20,000

18% in 12 months

Pool Investment-1

Price: ₦20,000

6% in 3 months

Pool Investment-2

Price: ₦20,000

14% in 6 months

Poultry Farm 4

Price: ₦10,000

16% in 8 months

Expanding the Agricultural Footprint in Nigeria

DealAgric is increasing agricultural participation by allowing you to easily fund a farm with a promise to deliver profitable returns to you while empowering farmers at the same time

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